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Faculty of Administration & Management Sciences

At the FAMS we acknowledge the centtrality of our teaching mission and strive for excellence and innovation in all our programs. We take pride in the high academic standards, we uphold while sustaing a student-friendly enviroment.
Faculty memebers are well qualified with doctoral degrees from leading universities. They remain current in their teaching fields through research and publications in top scholarly journals and are regularly consulted in the nedia and by public and private organizations as authorities in their field.

FAMS offered education in Accounting, Transport & Logistics Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Economics, Banking & Finance, Marketing & International Commerce, Public Administration, Business Administration, Estate Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management.

6-8 Semesters | 180-240 credit points | Accredited

Faculty of Applied Science

The fundamental mission of the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences is to offer high-quality education to students receiving education either within the same faculty or in other faculties .

While the faculty offered education in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Health Information Management, Public Health and other Health courses.

6-8 Semesters | 180-240 credit points | Accredited

Faculty of Social Sciences

The philosophy of the Faculty is to provide an education that will enable its studets to graduate with the ability to think, to express themselves with grace and clarityin writing and speech, to maintain values in relation to their chosen profession, and to demonstrate confidence in themselves.
With the advantages provided by the educational program supported by the relevant practise opportunities, our students pursue a wide spectrum of job opportunities upon graduation.

The faculty offered education in Political Science, Intelligence and Security Studies, Library & Information Science, Sociology, Disaster and Emergency Management, Psychology, International Relations and Diplomacy

6-8 Semesters | 180-240 credit points | Accredited

Faculty of Art and Humanities

The faculty is comprised of a multinational mix of academics and students, providing the students with a unique enviroment of multiculturalism and multilingualism. In addition to the respective department course requirements, students can take elective and commoncourses to realize a multidimensional approach to communication studies careers.
The faculty offered education in Mass Communication, French Language Communication, Linguistics, Early Child Education and Criminology

6-8 Semesters | 180-240 credit points | Accredited

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